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Storage, Handling & Cooking Chicken

Storing Chicken

  • Raw chicken must be kept at 5°C or below at all times
  • When transporting cooked and uncooked chicken it is recommended products are kept in an insulated cooler or ice chest
  • Refrigerate or freeze cooked chicken within 1-2 hours of serving
  • It is recommended that raw or cooked chicken (that is stored in the fridge) is eaten within two (2) days

Freezing Chicken

  • All of Lenard’s chicken products can be frozen for up to three (3) months with no affect on the quality of the product
  • Place each product in a separate freezer bag to ensure that products do not stick together
  • Some pastry products may not defrost as well as others due to their sensitivity to moisture

Thawing Chicken

  • We recommend to defrost frozen products in the fridge overnight to ensure that the entire product stays at less than 5°C as it defrosts
  • Products can also be thawed in a microwave oven by following the microwave manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Never thaw on the kitchen counter or sink due to potential growth of bacteria at room temperature
  • Once chicken is thawed do not refreeze without first cooking

Cooking Chicken

  • Always cook chicken well-done
  • If using a thermometer, cook to a core temperature of 75°C
  • When properly cooked, all juices from the meat should run clear with no tinge of pink
  • Do not stuff chicken until just before cooking
  • Ensure chicken is defrosted before cooking
  • Wash work area, utensils and hands with hot soapy water before and after handling uncooked chicken
  • Never put cooked chicken in a container that has stored/come into contact with raw chicken, unless the container has been cleaned thoroughly

Please refer to the ‘Products’ section on this website for the cooking times of our products. Cooking times are based on a pre-heated conventional oven. Oven cooking times may vary between oven brands. BBQ cooking times may vary depending on style and brand.

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