Chicken Facts

Free Range Chicken

Free-range chicken is not used to make the general range of Lenard’s Chicken fresh products. Free Range Hot Roast Chickens are sold at a selection of our Lenard’s Chicken locations that offer the combined classic fresh range and hot range. All locations that offer Free Range Hot Roast Chickens are clearly identified at the point of purchase.

If requested by customers and where demand can be demonstrated, some stores do sell fresh free-range chicken and this would be clearly identified by its packaging. Free-range chicken is identified with the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association logo.

The difference between free-range and regular birds is that meat chickens are raised in large, purpose-built chicken sheds where the chickens are able to move around at will with easy access to food and water. Free-range chickens are free to roam in the external environment but are generally housed from sunset to sunrise as protection from predators. Free-range chickens are free to forage outdoors but are generally fed indoors to discourage predators.

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