Chicken Facts


Chicken Facts

Healthy Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is one of Australia’s favourite foods not only because it is wholesome, versatile and easy to prepare, but it offers many health benefits.

  • Our bodies require protein, and because protein can’t be stored in the body, we need a new supply every day. Chicken is an ideal source of protein because it is lower in calories, fats and saturated fats than most other meats.
  • White chicken meat is one of the lowest fat protein sources.
  • Leg meat, while a little higher in fat, provides a rich flavour to any meal.
  • Chicken provides the complete protein you require daily.
  • Skinless breast fillet with fat/skin removed can be lower than 1% fat content.
  • Chicken Breast has the lowest cholesterol of the entire bird at around 62mg/100g.
  • 100g of baked chicken will give around 9% of the recommended dietary intake for energy.
  • Chicken is extremely dense in nutrients and minerals, including protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin.
  • To avoid adding fat to chicken, use cooking methods such as stir-frying and grilling that require little or no fat. If you want to pan-fry or bake use cooking spray, baking paper or low fat liquids in place of cooking oil.
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