Cooking Tips: Chicken Roll Serving Suggestions

Whether you crave Camembert and Bacon or your heart is warmed by Honey and Macadamia, our stuffed Chicken Rolls are a great way to bring the family together. Here are a few easy tips to make the most out of this crowd favourite!

Let it rest after cooking

A lot of juices build up during cooking and can leak out if the Chicken Roll is sliced immediately after removing from the oven. If you let it rest it for five minutes, it allows the chicken meat to relax, reabsorb those delicious juices and make it easier to pull the netting away from the roll.

Make a gravy

All of the brown bits and excess juices in the pan after cooking can be used to create a flavourful gravy. Simply deglaze the bottom of the pan with a little stock, broth or wine. Then add a small amount of flour to this liquid over heat and stir until juices start to thicken.

Serve it cold

The leftovers from our Chicken Roll are the perfect way to make sure lunch for the next day is sorted. Slicing cold is even easier and can take the stress out of entertaining friends and family for lunch.

Something on the side

Round out the meal with a delicious side dish to make the most of the oven while the Chicken Roll is roasting. Check out our recipes section here for some inspiration. We recommend the Parmesan and Honey Carrots or the Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin Seeds and Herbs.

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