Southern Style Chicken Wings

Lenard’s take of the classic Southern American chicken wing. Featuring a hearty coating of herbs and spices, add a side sauce and you’ve got a great party starter in no time!

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180 ℃
Cooking Time

Cooking Instructions

Pre-heat oven to 180°C.
Separate wings onto grease proof paper on an oven-proof baking tray. Spray with a small amount of olive oil.
Once oven is heated place wings into oven and bake for 40 minutes.
Once cooked, allow to stand for a few minutes before serving.
TIP: If using a thermometer, cook to a core temperature of 75°C.

Product Information

  • Ideal for finger food.
  • Perfect for large groups.
  • Easy to hold and eat.
  • Great for kids.
  • Can be complimented with dipping sauce.

Serving Size: 100g

Nutritional Information Average Quantity Per Serve Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy 1050kJ (252Cal) 1050kJ (252Cal)
Protein 16.8g 16.8g
Fat total 16.7g 16.7g
Saturated fat 4.0g 4.0g
Carbohydrate 8.1g 8.1g
Sugars 1.1g 1.1g
Sodium 212mg 212mg


Chicken Wing, Breader (Wheat Flour, Thickeners (1420, 1422), Canola Oil, Dehydrated Vegetables, Salt, Herbs & Spices, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Yeast, Wheat Gluten, Colour (160c)), Canola Oil



Contains Wheat