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Lenard’s Store Owner Profile – Regan Green, Townsville

How many Lenard’s stores do you own and/or operate?

Two stores – Lenard’s Aitkenvale & Willows

Are you the sole owner or are there co-owners?

I am co-owners with Mikkayla McLeod.

Please tell us a little about yourself, your background, and how (and when) you came to become a Lenard’s franchisee?

We both started working at Lenard’s as teenagers at the Willows store. When we were in our early twenties, there was an opportunity to own a Lenard’s store of our own and we jumped at it. Over the past few years, we have operated a number of locations and we now own and operate two well-established stores.

What do you love most about being a Lenard’s store owner?

Lenard’s is a strong and popular brand and I enjoy being a part of that. Our products are unique and timeless. I enjoy working in a team environment and I also enjoy the flexibility of owning my own business.

What aspects do you find most challenging?

Our biggest challenge at the moment is keeping up with supply issues. I’m sure many businesses are dealing with the same issues. It really helps being part of the Lenard’s brand as our National Support Office is always right on to any problems that may arise, which allows us to focus on running our business.

What do you love most about your local area and community? Have you always lived in the area?

We have always lived in Townsville and love to call it home. We really love seeing familiar faces at our counter. We have been serving some of our regular customers for over a decade. We also have a wonderful small business community here in Townsville.

Which Lenard’s products do you stock?

We stock a very wide range of Lenard’s products at both locations. We also supply local, independent supermarkets with our most popular products.

What is your favourite aspect of the support provided by Lenard’s, ie marketing and sales support etc?

The support we receive from everyone at our National Support Office is awesome and they are just a phone call away if we ever have a problem. Having all of our marketing and promotions planned by an expert team is a real advantage. We have excellent IT support who are always on call for any technological issues.

What do you and your customers love most about Lenard’s products?

We really pride ourselves on making delicious high-quality products that are super convenient for busy families. We have options to suit everyone and we love that our products help take the hassle out of meal times.

Why do you think Lenard’s products are so popular and have endured for so many years?

Our products are made from high-quality ingredients and it shows, when compared to imitations. The recipes to our key lines have remained the same for years, so customers trust they will always receive the products
they know and love.

Which Lenard’s products are most popular at your store/s, and why?

Kievs, Mini Strudels and Mexican Enchiladas. These products are well-loved by kids and adults, making them the ideal dinner choice for many

Which Lenard’s product is your personal favourite, and what do you usually serve as sides?

My go-to is the Chicken Parmigiana. I usually serve with veggies or chips and salad.

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