About Us

About Us

Lenard's Chicken is Australia's favourite chicken shop. Available at locations across Australia, our unique concept of value-adding ingredients and flavours to fresh chicken has established us as a leader in the fresh food marketplace.

Recently we have embarked on an exciting new chapter in our over 30 year journey. Along with a massive reinvigoration and overhaul of the store design, comes the introduction of a long awaited speciality range of hot products, lead by our amazing Roast Chickens. This combined with our range of grab and go ready-to-cook chicken meals available at IGAs throughout Australia, we plan to tantalise your taste buds for years to come!

We've made it our mission to use only the freshest chicken and best ingredients so that we can provide you with delicious, convenient and innovative ready-to-cook chicken meals, every day.

With a name like Lenard ‘Poulter’ it was inevitable that Lenard would one day open a poultry business. Combining his skills of art and butchering with his love for food, Lenard developed the unique concept of value-adding to chicken. Lenard's Chicken was born!

From humble beginnings in Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane in 1987 with the first 'The Poultry Shop', Lenard and his team took to the road in 1989 and set up shop in major cities and country towns around Australia.

Over 30 years and plenty of stores later - our passion for providing you with the best chicken meals remains. From our famous Chicken Kiev and the freshest of fresh cuts, to an ever-evolving range of oven-ready meals, we are constantly finding ways to make your life easier.