Our Value Packs Can Save You Stacks!

 Our New Value Packs are here to save you stacks. Pop into your local Lenard’s store to pick one up today!
$100 Value Pack:
10 x Mini Strudels
10 x Jumbos
4 x Enchiladas
4 x Kievs
4 x Spring Rolls
4 x Schnitzels
1 x Chicken Roll
1kg Stir-Fry
$75 Value Pack:
4 x Kievs
4 x Mini Strudels
4 x Parmigianas
4 x Enchiladas
1 x Chicken Roll
1kg Stir-Fry
$55 Value Pack:
6 x Sausages
6 x Jumbos
3 x Kievs
3 x Pinwheels
3 x Spring Rolls
3 x Schnitzels
$35 Value Pack:
2 x Kievs
2 x Enchiladas
2 x Pinwheels
2 x Breast Steaks
2 x Parmigianas
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