New Lenard's Magic Meals - Family Bakes

It's that time of year when the meal on your table needs to be that little taste of magic to warm your heart on a winter's night. We've designed a new range of delicious Chicken meals to be released over the next 12 weeks to add some magic to your week day in and day out and to give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

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Introducing Super Savers at Lenard's

Having a delicious Chicken dinner with your family shouldn't break the bank. To help deliver you with Super Savings, we've taken six of our most popular products and created some delightful deals.

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Our new Value Packs will save you stacks!

You asked for them, and now our Value Packs are back to save you stacks. We've designed these packs with the needs and preferences of families of all sizes in mind. They are ideal for those who love to Meal Prep or for the mid-week freezer-retrievers. Plus, you can save up to 26% off our National RRP.

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New Summer Split and Half Chickens!

Add some flavour to your summer with our new Split and Half Chickens. Both are soaked in our Hickory infusion to achieve perfectly juicy, tender and flavourful roast chicken every time. Not only that, they're coated in one of our delicious marinades or seasoning blends complement the smoky hickory flavour.

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Welcome to BBQ Season with Satay Chicken Breast Steaks!

As temperatures start to rise and the sun begins to shine it can mean only one thing: our favourite season is finally here. Grab your tongs, dust off your apron and call all your friends because it's time to fire up the barbie with our Satay Breast Steaks and Cutlets.

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