Our new Value Packs will save you stacks!

You asked for them, and now our Value Packs are back to save you stacks. We’ve designed these packs with the needs and preferences of families of all sizes in mind. They are ideal for those who love to Meal Prep or for the mid-week freezer-retrievers. Plus, you can save up to 26% off our National RRP.
Each pack contains all the favourites from our range so there is something for everyone. From Schnitzels and Roasts to Enchiladas and Stir-frys, variety is the spice of life. We’ve prepped everything so all you have to do is cook and enjoy.
All the items in the range are freshly handmade and freeze well so you can stock up without the worry.
Here is what you can look forward to:
$100 Value Pack:
10 x Mini Strudels
10 x Jumbos
4 x Enchiladas
4 x Kievs
4 x Spring Rolls
4 x Schnitzels
1 x Chicken Roll
1kg Stir-Fry
$75 Value Pack:
4 x Kievs
4 x Mini Strudels
4 x Parmigianas
4 x Enchiladas
1 x Chicken Roll
1kg Stir-Fry
$55 Value Pack:
6 x Sausages
6 x Jumbos
3 x Kievs
3 x Pinwheels
3 x Spring Rolls
3 x Schnitzels
$35 Value Pack:
2 x Kievs
2 x Enchiladas
2 x Pinwheels
2 x Breast Steaks
2 x Parmigianas
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