New Summer Split and Half Chickens!

Add some flavour to your summer with our new Split and Half Chickens. Both are soaked in our Hickory infusion to achieve perfectly juicy, tender and flavourful roast chicken every time. Not only that, they’re coated in one of our delicious marinades or seasoning blends to complement the smoky hickory flavour.


The Split Chicken is available in Buffalo, Southern-Style and Signature Country Roast and the Half Chicken is available Portuguese, Tandoori and Singapore Sizzle flavours.


Why serve a Split Chicken?

  • Splitting the chicken promotes even cooking
  • They cook faster than a whole roasted bird
  • More exposed skin which crisps up nicely during cooking
  • You still get to keep the meat on the bone, so it retains all that delicious flavour


The shorter cooking time matches up perfectly with some of your favourite roasted sides, so everything goes into the oven and finishes at the same time. This means you can enjoy a tasty side like our Oven-Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic & Herbs with less fuss and washing up.


Whether you prefer half of the whole, they’re sure to be hit with the whole family! Try them in-store today.


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