Get a kick out of our Jalapeno Empanadas!

Spice up your life (and your weeknight dinners) with the Lenard’s Mexican range!


In celebration of Mexican Independence Day this month, we have brought together some old favourites and a brand new addition to create the perfect Mexican Fiesta. Whether you like your spice mild or prefer flavours that are a little more daring, you’ll find something to love in our Mexican range.


The Jalapeno Empanada is the newest addition to Lenard’s stores and will become a fast favourite of diners who enjoy bold flavours and a medium level of spice. Perfect for any meal of the day, our Empanadas combine chicken sausage mince, spicy jalapenos, black beans, sweet corn and red onion, all encased in golden short crust pastry.


If you enjoy flavours that are slightly more subtle – but just as delicious – then you’ll love any of the classic members of our Mexican Range.


Our Mild Mexican Burritos pair freshly minced chicken with mild salsa, beans, chickpeas and corn. Wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, and topped with a sprinkling of cheese and fresh coriander, this old favourite is an easy dinner for the whole family.

Another favourite which celebrates the authentic flavours of Mexico is our Mild Mexican Enchilada. Tender chicken thigh pieces meet cheese and beans, complemented by a mild Mexican sauce and encased within a flour tortilla.


The final classic featured in our Mexican Fiesta is the Mild Mexican Quesadilla. This much-loved family favourite combines freshly minced chicken with mild salsa, corn, beans and chickpeas. To finish it off, this delicious mix is then wrapped in a soft tortilla and seasoned with fresh parsley and cheese.


Want to win a Mexican Fiesta? We are giving away 30 this month to the lucky winners of our competition! Click here for more details.

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