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Our unique concept of value-adding to fresh chicken is one we have perfected over 30 years. As the only true national retailer of fresh chicken, we spoil our customers for choice every day with our range of convenient and delicious products.

Chicken is the New Black

Australians love chicken and they’re eating more every week than any other meat. They now eat 47.7kg of chicken per year – 54% more than 15 years ago. During this time beef consumption has fallen from 34.9kg to 26.7kg. There has never been a better time to be in the chicken business! Sources: (, ABS – “Livestock Products Australia”)


Business Coaches are our ‘boots on the ground’ and ‘they have one goal: to help Franchise Owners grow their business!’ They work shoulder to shoulder with our Franchise Owners to analyse their business, set targets, and achieve their goals.


Our dedicated Marketing Team work to drive customers to your store and establish you as the local chicken expert. Both nationally and locally, we are focused on developing strategies to build brand awareness and sales growth.


Lenard’s Product Development Team never stop innovating with unique and convenient products released every year. By combining wholesome ingredients with the freshest chicken, more and more Lenard’s meals are making their way onto plates daily.


Our Franchise Owners come from all walks of life and initially have just this in common: a positive attitude and a desire to build something big. The Training Team are committed to providing Franchise Owners with all the tools and skills they need to succeed!

IT Helpdesk

To take the stress out of managing I.T systems, we have a devoted team of technical experts and developers at the National Support Office who are only ever a phone call away. Our systems have been developed from the ground up to streamline store operation.


The Chargeback Team coordinate with all of the suppliers and use our national buying power to minimise the day-to-day hassle of managing accounts. Our Franchise Owners receive one weekly statement and make one weekly payment – it’s just that easy!

Success Stories

Hear from our Franchise Owners

Kerry & John – Warwick Grove

“We take pride that we’re Lenard’s Franchisees.”

Franchise Development Process

The Lenard’s Chicken journey to opening YOUR store!


Step 1 – Enquiry + Initial Contact

Make an enquiry and hear from the friendly Franchise Development Team within two business days!


Step 2 – Exploration

Sign a Deed of Confidentiality so we can share the key financials of the business with you. Speak to our Franchise Owners, spend a day in-store and immerse yourself in all things Lenard’s Chicken.


Step 3 – Planning

Meet your Regional Development Manager and start developing your business plan and cashflow projections. Organise your business structure and confirm financing as you move ever closer to owning your own Lenard’s Chicken store.


Step 4 – Recruitment Finalisation

Complete recruitment paperwork to finalise your Franchise Agreement. Once this is issued, we insist that you take the time to review this document in consultation with your legal and accounting advisors.


Step 5 – Training and Opening your Store

Start your 6 week training, designed to have you hit the ground running. Your trainer and Business Coach will be there with you for the launch of your store and your first 2 weeks of trade, as you settle into your new business.


Get in touch with us

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Lenard’s, please call us on 1800 068 111, or submit your details below.

Find Available Locations

There are always fantastic opportunities available in regions and shopping centres all around the country.

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What is the initial investment?

It varies from store to store depending on the size and location of the site, but generally the turn key cost for a new store is approximately $350,000 – $450,000. This includes the store fit-out, plant and equipment, franchise licence, training and pretty much everything you need to get the store open and trading.

What other costs are involved?

Lenard’s Chicken provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of the initial investment costs, as well as some working cash requirements to consider. Considerations such as working capital, bank guarantees, registration fees and landlord costs are important to remember when assessing your financing needs.

What are the ongoing fees?

Our Franchise Fee is 6% of gross turnover and our Marketing Fee is 3% of gross turnover. The Marketing Fee is paid by all Franchise Owners to fund regular national promotions and marketing activities.

Do I need previous experience in the retail, poultry or meat industries?

No. Our training and induction programs are specifically designed to take people from all backgrounds and develop them into Lenard’s Chicken Franchise Owners. Our training programs and in-field support represent industry best practice. So all you’ll need is a willingness to learn, a passion for customer service and a dedication to succeed.

How are Lenard’s products made?

At Lenard’s Chicken we use only the best and freshest products. In fact, we take it so seriously that we guarantee it. This is why we use 100% Australian healthy barn-raised chickens, with no added hormones or steroids. Our products are handmade fresh daily, using quality, naturally delicious ingredients, to ensure we give customers the very best products every time they shop at Lenard’s. In order for Franchise Owners to maximise their gross profit, we give you all the skills you need to produce great products daily with your team in-store.

How many team members will I need?

Each Lenard’s Chicken store is different, however the average team is 10-15.

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“We love introducing new Franchise Owners into the Lenard’s Chicken business. Providing them with support and guidance as they strive for success is immensely rewarding. So we thank you for taking the time to consider investing in a Lenard’s Chicken franchise.” – Lenard Poulter, Founder