Cooking Tips: Fresh Chicken Cuts

Create your own kitchen alchemy with our extensive variety of Australia’s freshest chicken cuts.

Whole Chicken

Perfect for roasting! Shred the meat to make sandwiches and salads. Use the left-over bones to make the perfect chicken stock.

Breast & Tenderloin

Arguably the most versatile cuts of meat. Containing very little fat they are perfect for grilling, pan-frying or oven roasting.


Can be bought as fillets, Maryland or thigh cutlets. The thigh has a higher fat content than the breast, giving it more flavour and making it the perfect cut for slow cooked casseroles and stews.

Drumsticks & Wings

The cheap and cheerful option! Delicious when baked in a sticky glaze or marinade.


Perfect for rissoles, burgers, or meatballs. Try substituting beef mince for chicken mince in spaghetti or lasagne!

View our range of fresh cuts here. Ask your local store for daily available cuts.

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