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Autumn Flavours

March 7, 2022

Now that the weather is cooling down it’s the perfect time to enjoy Lenard’s range of hearty, home-style products. Here are our picks of flavoursome meals that will warm you up …

Chicken Kievs

One of the first value-added chicken products we became famous for over 30 years ago. Our Chicken Kievs are famous for good reason. Who can resist lean and tender chicken breast filled with delicious garlic butter and coated in natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs?! More

Garlic Chicken Mignons

One of Lenard’s most popular products since the 80s! Our Garlic Chicken Mignons feature a tender maryland wrapped in bacon and topped with a swirl of delicious roasted garlic butter. They are simply divine! More

Chicken Parmigianas

We are pretty proud of our take on the classic ‘parmi’. Think succulent and tender chicken thigh wrapped around a rich tomato and herb sauce and vintage cheese, then coated with herb and garlic natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs for extra flavour. It’s a parmi with a twist! More

Chicken Cordon Bleus

Our ever-popular Chicken Cordon Bleus feature a delicious chicken thigh filled with succulent bacon and vintage cheese, coated in natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs. Perfect any day of the week! More

Herb & Garlic Chicken Patties

Our Herb and Garlic Chicken Patties are a delicious combination of chicken mince and vegetables finished with light and tasty herb and garlic crumb. Why not cook some up for lunch or dinner today?! More

Kiev Chicken Croquettes

Our Kiev Chicken Croquettes feature divine chicken sausage mince with garlic butter filling, coated in natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs. You will love them! More

Herb & Garlic Chicken Schnitzels

Ever tried a chicken schnitzel with herb and garlic crumb? Well now you can! Our succulent chicken fillets are crumbed to perfection in herb and garlic natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs. They are perfect any day of the week. More

Plain Chicken Schnitzels

Why go to the pub when you can cook up classic chicken schnitzels at home? Simply pop our delicious thigh fillets, featuring natural Ciabatta breadcrumbs, straight into a pan or oven and you’ll have a great meal in no time! More


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